Avocado Factory Menu

Brunch Menu

Something Toasty

Avo Super
Smash 45

Smashed Avocado, with chili powder, grilled mushroom served on toasted rye bread
Add tumeric poached eggs: 2 eggs +12
Add garlic spinach+18

Add crispy bacon +24

The Factory Benedict

Poached eggs, the Factory hollandaise sauce with avocado and spinach served on english muffin
Add crispy bacon +24

The Avo Rose55

A beautiful avocado rose with soft poached egg, creamy lebnah, chickpeas, beetroots, grilled mushroom and dukkah spices served on pita bread

Something Substantial

Avo Licious Tacos60

Smashed avocado, scrambled tofu, pico del gallo, black beans and spicy cream cheese

The Avo King Burger 85

Cucumbered Yogurt, dirty slaw, crispy bacon, spicy mayo with our Factory sweet potato chips and guacamole

Something Leafy

Avo Makes My Heart Beet Salad 60

An avocado rose, beets, orange, rucola, pumpkin seeds and yogurt dressing.

Avo Tofu Salad 65

Avocado cubes, marinated grilled tofu, brown rice, croutons, spring onions, iceberg lettuce, roasted almonds

The Avo Hummus60

Smashed avocado hummus, crunchy chickpeas, green peas, red radish, an avocado rose and lime served on Farine's mixed seeds sourdough

The Soul Bowl85

Organic quinola, avocado, creamy burrata, grilled corn and charcoal oyster mushrooms with balsamic vinegar

Avo Nasi Campur 55

Coconut nasi merah, avocado sate, garlic spinach, avocado crumble, spicy tempe, boiled egg and Factory Sambal

Something On The Side

Avo Hummus and Grilled Pita Bread 30

Sweet Potato Chips and Avo Mayo 30

The Factory Guacamole and Crunchy Cassava 30

Double Up The Avo 30

Garden Salad of Cherry Tomatoes, Avocados, Red Radish 30

Our Avocados

Avocados are one of month natures most perfect foods, rich in texture flavor and bursting with health benefits. When avocados are involved the is no need to compromise between taste and heath. We have searched the Island to find the creamiest, most delicious local varieties for our dishes, so you always get the perfect avocado experience!

Something Cold

Lychee Iced Tea 29

Lychee, Lychee water, raw honey, fresh aloe vera

Iced Rosella Tea 29

Berries, fresh apple juice, lime

Iced Lemon Tea 29

Black tea, fresh lemon juice, sweet syrup on the side

Ginger Suprise 39

Happy kombuca, lime, fresh meringu

Crema Al Caffe 35

Blended Espresso with ice

By The Glass 40

1 Joy
2 Sour Ginger
3 Tumeric Apple

Something Hot

Tea By Tea Drop 28

English Breakfast | Supreme Earl Grey | Oriental Jasmine Green Tea | Peppermint Lemon Gress & Ginger | Morrocan Mint Chamomile Blossom

Our Coffee

Our Coffee is made with the highest quality, 100% Arabica beans from Semiman Coffee. Our Grace blend is smooth and flavored and our barista are experts at creating the perfect brew from it in the queen of coffee machines, our Marzocco, however you take yous

Espresso 22

Ristretto 22

Coffee Long Black 30

Macchiato 25

Piccolo Latte 22

Latte 29

Cappuchino 30

Select your milk 10

Flat White 30

Mocha 30

Matcha Latte 30

Tumerica Latte 30

Chai Latte 30

Iced Latte 30

Extra Shot 10

Water By Eternal Plus 25

Our Water, We Serve Eternal PLus Healthy Drinking Water with an alkaline pH > 8. It is purified by a reverse osmosis filtration system and UV rays to create the highest quality water, free from bacteria and heavy metals. Your body will love it!

Fresh Coconut 30

Something Sweet

Avo Bliss Smoothie Bowl 70

Signature creamy avocado smoothie topped with the Factory granola, corn flakes, chia seeds, strawberries and roasted almonds

Pink Dragon Chia Pudding 72

Dragon fruit and coconut organic chia seed pudding with avocado sorbet, berries, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds and fresh mint

Something Blended

Breakie Go-Go 45

Mango, banana, berries, fresh pressed apple juice, Granola yogurt, (Optional: Coconut Yogurt)

Green Guru 45

Melon, spinach, mango, cucumber, fresh pressed apple juice, yogurt (Optional: Coconut Yogurt)

Cacao Coco Super Elixir 49

Coconut yogurt, banana, cacao powder, chai seeds, vegan protein powder, coconut water

Funky Monkey 45

Banana, peanut butter, granola, soy milk

Avo-Nana Dream 40

Avocado, banana, honey, choice full cream milk or almond milk

Island Of The Gods 49

Avocado, banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, coconut water

Something Juicy

Sunrise 35

Orange, apple, carrot, ginger

Slim Down 35

Pineapple, Cinnamon Cayenne Pepper

Detox 35

Apple, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, ginger (optional: add spirulina +10

Liver Lover 35

Beetroot, carrot, celery, apple

A.M.O. 35

Apple, Mint, Orange

Avo Good Day 35

Avocado, spinach, pineapple. mint

Make Your Own. 35

Select your favorite ingredient from our produce


San Miguel 30

San Miguel Light 35

Health Shots 20

1 Fat Blast: organic apple cider vinegar, lemon
2 Anit-Inflammatory: turmeric, honey, cinnamon
3 Alkaliser: spirullina, orange, spinach

The Avocado Factory is proud to use the highest quality ingredient, facilities and food preparation standards.W are passionate about working with the local people to give back to the community with an emphasis on sourcing the finest local produce for all our dishes. For a Greener Bali we believe on using sustainable practices - from when the avocado leaves the tree, to when it arrives on your plate. We are proudly 98% plastic free and all our food and drinking packaging is Eco Friendly to help protect this Island.

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Our Promise To You

All prices are in the 000 of Ruphia and are subject to 10% Tax and for our Local Talent 5% Service Charge


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